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Daily habit. September 16, 2012. Just me. I’m going to be alone again for a while. The only relationship I am ready for right now is with my camera. 2 different lighting set ups and 2 different lenses for this shoot. Just playing around.

Daily Habit. August 8, 2012. Dye. New dye job tonight. I’m deliriously tired. Can’t edit down any further without falling asleep in this stool. And I’ve learned that is dangerous. xoxo

Daily Habit. August 7, 2012. Toes. Sporting my “hello kitty” bandaid where my nail fell off. I think these pretty much suck, but I wanted to do something for Footster. I will do better ones later Footster. Promise. I didn’t feel well today. This was all I could muster. 

Daily Habit. August 4, 2012. Earring. This was inspired by an earring I found recently. It’s a handmade circle, the one in my left ear. I love it. I realized I missed yesterday. Will address that later. 

Daily Habit. August 2, 2012. Content. I feel happy. Calm. Content. Lovely evening with Joey. JIB tacos. He’s sleeping on the couch. Life is good.

Daily Habit. July 5, 2012. Back. I’m tired. Almost went to bed without doing this. Overdid it a little this week. My birthday week. And yes, I get a whole week. I’ve earned it. Decided I should shoot something. I have a longing feeling in the pit of my soul right now. Can’t describe it. Just longing for something meaningful, I guess. A connection. Something. 

Daily Habit. July 4, 2012. Happy Independence Day!!!  Out with a good friend for fireworks, sushi & a movie.  Enlisted Mulder for my photo. He hates to be held and I’m allergic to him, so… And yes, that is blood on my face from where he scratched me. Rad. Too tired to edit this set down… Click on pic to see larger. :-)

Daily Habit. June 27, 2012. Strung up again. I shot these the other night. Added the orange to the silver. Click on the photo to see larger. 

Daily Habit. June 23, 2012. Strung up, part 1. I know my recent posts have kinda sucked. I’m working a lot and Riley is sick. I’m now pretty worried about her. I was supposed to have a date tonight, but he flaked. Not surprised. Probably for the better. I had a lot of shit to do, and Riley… As always, click on the little ones to make them bigger.

Daily Habit. June 20, 2012. Wet tissue paper. It’s like it melted off my face. My original idea was going to take way too long and it involved a chicken. I will do it later. This took too long. I should have gone to bed 4 hours ago. Not enough time to edit down to just one. (June 22. Added back 2 photos I had cut last night as a request from a friend. It was my original post.)