Daily Habit. May 25, 2012. I love my bicycle. As always, click image to see larger, and not as always, look how big my boobies look! Crazy. Was out on my bicycle all day today. Actually started on my Fisher until the rear axel seized as I was riding. Had to walk it home from the Mission. Some frame damage. :-( Missed my acupuncture appointment, but rescheduled. Grabbed my Swobo from home, swung by Dan’s to feed Brenda, then made it to my new acupuncture / cupping appointment. Feeling crappy, hard to relax, but he insisted he “loves sick bodies” to work on, so… Had some time before another appointment, so for the first time in 20 years’ living here, I went to Yerba Buena Center. My little narcissistic self was mesmerized by this building with many huge mirrored windows… It was so sunny, I couldn’t see to get the composition. Had to shoot blind. This was the best one. Then I went back to take Brenda for a long walk. Then home for a while & back on my bicycle later to feed Brenda.