Daily Habit. May 8, 2012. Drowning. I am so overwhelmed I feel like I’m drowning. I couldn’t decide. I like my hair in one, & the general eerie feel to the other. I originally uploaded a third with my eyes clearly open, but deleted it. Wish I could combine them all. But I did notice my open eye is visible in each bubble of the 2nd one. Would look cool printed really large. This was the most miserable shoot of my life. I’ve never been good at going underwater backwards. I got so much water up my nose, in my lungs, in my ears. I have such a bad headache now. I actually went back in for a second shoot to try to get a better image, but all these are from first shoot. No way I was going in a 3rd time.


  1. mollybroxton said: LOVE both, but the second is my favorite!
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