I thought my tires were looking a bit worn, but crap!

Somebody is either suddenly very interested in fashion and food magazines, or is acting out a bit when I go to work. That same somebody did not pee or poo anywhere in the house! :-)

August 2, 2014. While I was washing my face before bed, Buddha randomly ate part of Riley’s paw print. It was on my nightstand. Planned to use it for tattoo. Fuck!

August 1, 2014. Post workout together. Buddha’s panting, I’m sweating. Invented new exercise:,pit bull tug squats.
He won’t leave me alone when I workout, so I’m incorporating him into the mix. :-)

Should I have gotten him some neuticles?

Look at that sad little empty scrotum. :-(

Buddha silhouette.

Buddha. Just realized I never shared this one.

June 23, 2014. Neutered today. Photo later. He’s still sleepy and stoned from anesthesia. Sutures removed too! Ear and forehead all one piece again. He’s not happy about today. #pitbull #buddha #dog